3 Common Life Mistakes to Avoid

3 Common Life mistakes to avoid. Mistake is an action or deed that is wrong. Life will always throw at us the right and the wrong. Mistakes in life could come with grievous repercussions or consequences. I have recently been praying to God about wisdom for living. Looking at life, there is still much to discover.

My Bug Experience!

My 3 year old son pointed my attention to a bug. He doesn’t like to see bugs. I took the broom hurriedly to kill it and all my attention was on the bug (problem at hand) and lo and behold, I smashed my bulb, it came down right on me and I sustained a slight caught. Thank God it wasn’t more than that.

Then, it flew to my kids bathroom, I followed it with more anger to kill it and wisdom said you could break this bulb too so I left the bug. Hoping that by the time I’m done with my bleeding hand, and the cleaning up, I’ll come back and give it a deserving death. It took me close to an hour to sweep my carpet and be very sure it’s safe to walk on.

Then, it’s time to kill the problem that brought this mess alas! the bug was gone. OMG!

Finally, during my quiet time, I asked God what is the wisdom He wants me to learn from the experience, I moved to my window and there was the bug relaxing, Then I gave it an effortless wipe and that was it, right on my floor.


We are often faced as human with different difficulty. Just as we experience different weather. Also, life is characterized with ups and down. At one point or the other we feel a sense of urgency to do things. Especially to solve a problem. Humanly, speaking we are always in a hurry to get things fix. And most times in our approach to solve that little problem we create more unnecessary ones. You waste time, energy and resources. I believe that God used the bug experience to speak to me to calm down! Don’t ruin your life with haste. I am also sharing this with you. Take it easy friend, don’t ruin your life in haste. “Desire without knowledge is not good— how much more will hasty feet miss the way!” ‭Proverbs‬ ‭19:2‬ ‭NIV‬‬


Prosperity, wealth, riches is one thing that everyone wants regardless of race, religious background, age, education. Money is a good thing but….. I remembered then growing up, I saw landlords of hundred of rooms, they became rich diabolically. Doing money rituals, I knew their ends. They did not just end terribly, their children’s lives were nothing to write home about. The devil can not give you anything for free. The Bible is very clear about riches.

“The blessing of the LORD brings [true] riches, And He adds no sorrow to it [for it comes as a blessing from God].”Proverbs‬ ‭10:22‬ ‭AMP‬‬.

There is nothing wrong in being rich, Gods plan is to make us the most wealthy people wherever he has placed us. He delights in our prosperity. Yet, God warns us: to enjoy my wealth is to wait for Me to bless you.


Life is in 3 stages, Past, Present and Future. The past is gone by in time and no longer existing. The Past is tricky and so you have to be careful with it. Ask yourself what aspect of the Past do you constantly remember, the ” negatives” right?  70% of what you remember in the past is something not too palatable.  The past is always filled with negativity. You mostly look at the past and it destroys our decision-making. We are reluctant to move or take a step further when we ponder on past failure. Do not make the mistake of dwelling in the Past. Life must continue, put the Past where it belongs. Goodbye to yesterday!

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Abby Lebby

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